Caseware Introduces AiDA: The AI-Powered Digital Assistant Changing the Face of Accounting and Audit

MELBOURNE, June 20, 2024: Caseware International, a global leader in cloud-enabled audit, financial reporting and data analytics solutions, is delighted to announce the pre-launch availability of Caseware AiDA, its Artificial Intelligence digital assistant, for customers in Australia. As the latest enhancement to the industry-leading Caseware Cloud platform, AiDA complements Caseware’s comprehensive suite of solutions created with accounting, audit and finance professionals in mind. 

AiDA is designed to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance and provide precise, context-aware responses to profession-specific enquiries enabling accounting, audit and finance experts to work more efficiently, collaborate with greater effectiveness and gain deeper insights. 

Whether providing timely responses to methodology or compliance questions, supporting the processing and analysis of audit evidence, or assisting with the production of key audit workpapers and deliverables, AiDA empowers professional users to achieve more with less effort. This will, in turn, drive practice growth and power the financial success of clients.

Sarah Butler, Head of Product at Caseware Australia remarked, “In the dynamic worlds of audit and accounting, professionals are looking for secure, fit-for-purpose assistance that will enable them to embrace the power of AI every day. Caseware AiDA will enhance engagement workflows with precision and relevance and reduce the volume of manual work within the practice. I am excited to be part of the global Caseware team that is making digital assistance a reality for our clients.”

Some of the benefits to be gained from Caseware AiDA include:

  • Enhanced workflow efficiency with precision and relevance – whether summarising lengthy PDFs or providing informed answers about your documentation in the moment, AiDA helps you work smarter, not harder.
  • Reassurance around security and compliance – with AiDA, no prompts are stored or fed back into the model. Users can trust AiDA to maintain the highest data security and compliance standards that Caseware has always delivered for the profession.
  • Assistance with routine tasks – AiDA assists with mundane tasks, enabling professionals to focus on strategic decision-making. 
  • Focus on quality output – AiDA delivers a safe and fit-for-purpose resource which ensures efficient workflows for clients.  

Feedback on AiDA has underscored the demand for tailored, secure AI solutions in professional environments. Danielle Supkis Cheek, VP, Head of Analytics and AI at Caseware International commented, “We recently showcased AiDA to a number of clients beyond our beta phase community and the response was phenomenal. In line with our roadmap, we’re excited to continue to enhance AiDA based on user feedback and technological advancements.”

Currently available to Caseware cloud customers in Australia and the United States for early access, AiDA will ultimately be available across the globe and, specifically, in Canada and Europe later this year. Soon, AiDA will be a core component of all cloud-enabled solutions, across all regions. AiDA’s capabilities are constantly evolving, including better context awareness in document interactions and more extensive support for multilingual queries. AiDA is set to transform how professionals in the accounting and audit fields manage their tasks, offering unparalleled support and efficiency. 

Caseware AiDA (pronounced AY-duh) draws inspiration from Ada Lovelace, whose impact on scientific computing continues to influence generations of technologists and mathematicians around the world. 

Caseware encourages users to explore AiDA’s features and experience the future of digital assistance. To see AiDA in action and to hear more from Sarah Butler, sign up for the Introducing Caseware AiDA, AI Digital Assistant webinar taking place from 12:00pm – 1:00pm on June 20.

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