Harness the power of data-driven insights across your practice for informed decision-making

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Turning data into limitless possibilities

Accounting practices are finding it increasingly difficult to look across large volumes of engagement and practice-wide data to obtain timely insights and identify trends for client advisory and internal process improvements.

Traditional analytical tools pose several limitations in such areas as system integration, data extraction and analysis. Firms need a smart, seamless yet simplified data-driven solution. Say hello to the latest solution in the Caseware ecosystem for business intelligence in accounting — Caseware Sherlock, which can help your firm transition to an insights-driven culture.


Powerful, secure, cloud app with a sleek user interface

Sherlock provides powerful insights from a large volume of engagement data to uncover valuable trends and insights. It includes built-in security features that protect data and ensure only authorised access. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily access and analyse data, create reports and share insights.

Automated data transformation of Caseware engagements

Sherlock fully automates the process of extracting data from your engagements, loading it into a centralised database and transforming it into a format that allows you to easily analyse data from all engagements for business insights. No more manual data entry and manipulation, which is time-consuming and limits data integrity.

Flexible visualisation path to turn big data into insights

Sherlock is designed to be highly adaptable and customizable, allowing you to tailor your data visualisation approach to your specific needs and goals. You can easily visualise data in a way that makes it easy to identify trends, patterns and other insights that might not be immediately apparent when working in a single engagement.

Deeper insights to elevate every phase of the engagement

Profile your clients on key data points to identify opportunities for client advisory services and gain deeper insights from client financials to analyse year-over-year trends. Benchmark a client’s data against others in the same industry to suggest avenues for growth.


Get a 360° view into your practice

Get a 360° view into your practice

Build an insights-driven culture and stay relevant as you can access all your engagement and practice-wide data at a glance from a central, cloud-based warehouse and business intelligence platform that automatically integrates with the Caseware ecosystem and helps you operate your firm/practice more efficiently.
Boost staff efficiency and experience

Boost staff efficiency and experience

Automate data mining and analysis, reducing errors and enabling staff to be more productive, thus saving the firm time, money and resources. In addition, empower your team to draw insights from volumes of data in no time and present findings to clients in a visual, easy-to-understand manner, elevating the client and staff experience.
Deliver intelligence with confidence

Deliver intelligence with confidence

Ensure robust data security with automated data extraction and controlled user access, reducing errors and data breaches, while building staff and client confidence in the insights. Also, Sherlock’s strong built-in capabilities help you stay assured of data completeness while minimising cybersecurity risks.
Be future-ready

Be future-ready

Become a change agent and accelerate your firm’s digital transformation through this powerful cloud-based BI platform that can be accessed even in flexible work environments and for big data analytics. Enjoy the flexibility to scale as you grow when you partner with Caseware.  

Supporting tools

Get a complete practice intelligence solution with these elements

Caseware Sherlock consists of three primary modules: Sherlock Reader, Sherlock Builder and Sherlock API. Together they provide a firm-wide solution usable by staff in various roles.

  • Sherlock Reader

    With this read-only license, access all on-demand* and custom-built visualisations for practice-wide insights. *Availability subject to region

  • Sherlock Builder

    Build your own dashboards using this easy-to-use capability without the need for coding, and customise the insights based on your practice.

  • Sherlock API

    Automatically export 14+ databases to external reporting software programs for further analysis, eliminating data transfer errors.

Supercharge your Sherlock experience with these pre-built dashboards

Gain more insight into your data with easy-to-use Sherlock Visualisations. This product includes pre-designed visualisations that automatically populate with the data from an engagement file, including:

  • Risks and Controls

    View summaries and trends as well as a detailed breakdown of an engagement’s risks and controls.

  • Financial Information

    Monitor significant changes in financial information, including trial balance and financial statement areas.

  • Partner and Manager Summary

    View key information on the status of an audit engagement, including partner and manager summary and compliance summary.

Find the answers you need

Where will my data be stored?


Your data will be stored in state-of-the-art data centres operated by Amazon Web Services Australian data centre. At Caseware, we’ve included our own security and data encryption processes in addition to AWS security. 

Do you need an internet connection to use Caseware Cloud?


For Caseware Working Papers files which are linked to Caseware Cloud, an internet connection is required to synchronise the work from the copy on your machine to the copy on the cloud (and therefore your colleagues’ copies of the file as well). Otherwise, you can perform work on your local copy without internet access. For engagements that are solely worked on within Caseware Cloud through a web browser (eg. our Agile Audit & SMSF Audit products) an internet connection is always required.

Drive transformation with Sherlock's data transformation capabilities