Code of Conduct


The Caseware Group of companies (hereinafter “Caseware”) is a trusted supplier of financial technology to governments, auditors, and businesses around the world. We build relationships with our partners and customers based on trust and a mutual understanding of a responsible and ethical business. Integrity and fair dealing are essential to our business and in the way we deal with others.


Caseware has a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption and bribery and is committed to preventing bribery and corruption by any of its employees, representatives, contractors or any party acting on its behalf. 

Participation in any form of bribery or corruption, whether directly or indirectly, is an unacceptable and illegal activity, which tarnishes our brand and destroys future business opportunities, places our employees in both punishable and morally disputable situations, and has a destructive impact on society and the markets it affects.

It is expected that all employees and any other person representing Caseware such as agents, suppliers, joint venture partners or others will act with honesty and integrity abiding by the Caseware Code of Conduct as well as all relevant laws relating to bribery and corruption within Australia. No employee nor any other person representing Caseware such as agents, suppliers, joint venture partners or others, may on any occasion, neither directly or indirectly, offer anything of value to any person that directly or indirectly represents a client or a supplier in order to gain an advantage or as a reward for a favour.

Bribery and Corruption

Corruption includes the misuse of entrusted power for private gain, and may include, but is not limited to, bribery.

Bribery involves the offering, giving, soliciting or accepting of an advantage or benefit (monetary or otherwise), where the benefit is:

  1. not legitimately due; 
  2. offered to a person with the intention of influencing them in the exercise of their duties or functions; and
  3. offered or given with the intention of obtaining business or a business advantage that is not legitimately due.

It is irrelevant whether a bribe is ultimately provided or accepted – offering a bribe is prohibited and not acceptable conduct.

If you are in doubt about a payment, please contact your supervisor or the legal team at

Compliance with Local Laws

In addition to complying with all relevant laws relating to bribery and corruption within Australia, any employee or other person representing Caseware such as agents, suppliers, joint venture partners or others who travel outside of Australia must comply with all relevant local laws or other regulations in that jurisdiction that are relevant to bribery and corruption, even if those local laws are more restrictive than this Code of Conduct.

Business Practices

Caseware endeavors to have a safe workplace environment that is free from harassment or discrimination, and values the diversity in background, experience and talent of each individual.

Caseware complies with the Ontario Human Rights Code and does not discriminate in hiring due to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, gender, ethnic origin, age, marital or family status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, creed, or religion

Confidential and Personal Information

Caseware and its employees have a duty to protect confidential and personal information in accordance with Caseware’s Privacy Policy.

The objectives of these policies are to ensure that client data and other personal information and privacy is protected in accordance with applicable legal standards, specifically the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and all other applicable privacy and data protection laws.

We are trusted with confidential information and are committed to ensuring that we protect the privacy and security of client data and all personal information through the implementation of internationally recognized standards and meeting the legal standards of the countries in which we operate and collect, use, disclose and process client data and other personal information.