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Your Guide to Using Analytics Software in Audit and Accounting

See the many ways analytics can help auditors and accountants.


Accountants and auditors today have access to massive troves of potentially valuable data from all kinds of sources, including connected devices in vehicles, appliances and social media. This is in addition to more traditional data sets from suppliers, customers and industry sources. 

This huge volume of data is too large to be managed by traditional accounting methods such as spreadsheets. But analytics solutions specifically designed to give accountants and auditors deeper insights into their financial information and processes can help detect fraud, more accurately predict revenue and expenses, and provide a complete organizational picture by processing complete data sets, rather than just samples.

Download the Caseware’s white paper, Your Guide to Using Analytics Software in Accounting and Audit, to discover the types of analytics solutions available to accountants and auditors and how they can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of your work. The white paper also outlines some basic steps you can take to plan your initial analytics deployment.

Read the white paper to find out:

  • How organizations are using analytics
  • Why analytics help deliver higher-quality audits
  • How accountants can leverage analytics to deliver more accurate budgets and forecasts
  • What specific functions accountants and auditors can improve with analytics
  • Which steps to take to begin your analytics journey

The accounting and auditing industries are transforming. To deliver better forecasts, conduct more thorough audits and provide more meaningful advice to clients and senior management, accountants and auditors need to employ technology solutions, including analytics. 

Learn how you and your team can evolve into trusted advisors by getting a more complete picture of your clients through a thorough examination of all the relevant data.

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