Transform your firm’s A&A services with the OnPoint A&A Suite

The premiere cloud-based solution to help you realize your firm’s full potential in the digital age.

  • Linked Methodology

    Linked Methodology

  • Integrated Client PBC Management

    Integrated Client PBC Management

  • Powerful Analytics

    Powerful Analytics

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Behind the OnPoint A&A Suite

The partnership between the AICPA, and CaseWare leverages the strengths of each organization:

  • The AICPA works to transform the methodology, leveraging a distributed team of auditing professionals and technology experts to guide the effort.
  • creates awareness, educates and enables firms on how this journey will work for them, as each firm’s path may be different from the next
  • CaseWare provides the foundational cloud platform and ecosystem upon which these unique solutions will flourish

CaseWare Cloud – Data, Security & Assurance

We’ve got you covered so that you can focus on what matters most - your clients.
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