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Transforming Global Statutory Reporting for the Digital Age

Discover how cloud-based GSR solutions can help organizations save time and reduce risk.


Global statutory reporting (GSR) is becoming increasingly complex. New regulations covering financial reporting, data protection and money laundering are growing at the same time as organizations are expected to disclose more non-financial information, such as environmental, social and governance data. 

To cope with this increasingly complex environment, many accounting firms are transforming their inefficient, manual processes by digitizing and automating as much of their statutory reporting process as possible. This is allowing them to reduce the effort around gathering data and spend more time analyzing it to improve compliance and better identify regulatory risks.

Download the Caseware white paper Transforming Global Statutory Reporting for the Digital Age to find out how modern, digital solutions are simplifying GSR. This comprehensive resource examines the key features of an optimal GSR solution, including:

  • Cloud capability
  • Application data import capabilities 
  • Automation of menial, time-consuming tasks
  • Report customization
  • Localized content

Discover how you can transform the way you review and deliver accurate financial statements to meet global statutory requirements.

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