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An intelligent approach to PCR

Increasing efficiency is critical for accountants who want to work smarter, streamline their workflows and avoid burnout from performing repetitive tasks for clients’ PCR engagements. The time has come for an intelligent, automated PCR solution that provides the critical information needed to make smarter, more informed decisions.

OnPoint PCR software is an advanced assurance solution that helps firms maximize efficiency and remain compliant across PCR engagements.


Integrated guided methodology for increased accuracy

Set your firm up for success with guided engagement methodology. Standardized, up-to-date templates intuitively and accurately complete steps and track your advancement throughout each engagement so you never have to stall progress by exiting to research items.

Intelligent content designed to minimize repetitive tasks

Produce the right content at the right time with intelligent checklists, worksheets and letters. Smart content is pre-filled with information provided by the client at the start of each financial statement preparation engagement.

Automated drafting of financial statements and notes

Deliver high quality financial statements that are auto-populated once the trial balance has been imported. Final balances are updated in real time as adjustments occur throughout the PCR engagement.

Real-time engagement collaboration for true teamwork

Facilitate successful teamwork with real-time engagement collaboration, shared PCR insights and document updates for your users. Each team member can execute tasks independently and seamlessly without waiting for others to exit the document.

Review tools and alerts

Take advantage of review tools for checklists and financial statements with built-in analytics and alerts that run diagnostics within your engagements and avoid pending issues while ensuring you don’t miss anything.


Comply with confidence

Comply with confidence

Guarantee your firm is providing accurate information and documentation to comply with professional standards.
Simplify your workflow

Simplify your workflow

Eliminate the time-consuming hassle of editing lengthy checklists by beginning with a simple client acceptance document that personalizes the engagement as you provide the details.
Save time

Save time

Produce deliverables in line with professional-quality standards. OnPoint PCR’s built-in logic updates the language on letters and reports as you complete work in an engagement. 
Boost efficiency

Boost efficiency

OnPoint PCR concentrates the many components of PCR work into a centralized platform, including engagement management, linked methodology, PBC document management and trial balance tools. 
Safeguard information

Safeguard information

Leveraging Caseware Cloud, you gain access to an ecosystem built for accounting and assurance services. Built-in analytics run diagnostics within your engagements and alert you to potential issues. 

Supporting tools

Get the most out of your OnPoint PCR experience

Leverage these supporting components to maximize the capabilities of OnPoint PCR.

  • Cloud Connector

    Provide real-time data linkage between your engagement and MS Excel to access trial balance data and other properties.

  • Cloudbridge

    A powerful software utility that lets users seamlessly transfer data from the Working Papers application to a Cloud PCR engagement.

Take a modern approach to Preparation, Compilation and Review