Caseware Named York University’s Co-op Employer of the Year

“Caseware is not your average coffee-run internship.”

That’s how Software Developer Ari Dokmecian describes his experience working at Caseware as part of the organization’s internship program, which York University recently acknowledged by naming Caseware its 2019 Co-op Employer of the Year. Domecian expanded on his thoughts by elaborating on how it made him feel truly prepared for the workforce ahead.

“I didn’t feel like an intern so much as a regular employee,” he added. “Towards the end of my internship I even got to show off some stuff I worked on to some high up execs in the company. The experience was truly unparalleled.”

It was this kind experience which helped Caseware achieve York University’s recent honour and join the company of notable past winners like Hydro One, IBM, Magna and Ellis Don, all heavyweight employers in their own right.

“No one exemplifies this dedication to our community of learners better than software solutions company, Caseware,” York University stated after the recent announcement. “We are proud to announce Caseware as the 2019 Co-op Employer of the Year for their commitment to hiring a large volume of students, providing a modern and agile working environment, competitive salary, supportive HR team, and a rewarding and challenging work experience.”

The university acknowledged that, although this win is Caseware’s first at what are called the Lassonde Awards, Caseware has been a valued partner for the last two-and-a-half years, providing 18 students with co-op positions, spanning 45 work terms in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering fields.

“The opportunities that companies like Caseware provide our students allow for enhanced learning outside of the classroom, offering our students a remarkable experiential education experience,” says Jane Goodyer, Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering.

Dokmecian’s fellow co-op student Juntao Han agrees that the learning experience at Caseware was unparalleled.

“As an entry-level professional, words cannot describe how much I have learned in the past four months,” he explains. “There is no shortage of meaningful and relevant projects, and the guidance and assistance I have received from senior team members have been exceptional.”

Sam Guraya, another software developer who participated in Caseware’s internship program, also had glowing reviews.

“My co-op experience at Caseware was amazing. Caseware provided many opportunities for mentorship and learning while working on challenging problems that face their clients,” Guraya said. “Most importantly, I always felt like I was a part of the team as I participated in sprints and was able to easily contribute ideas and solutions to problems everyone was working on.”

To learn more about the Caseware internship program, contact Chengeer Lee at Caseware’s People Operations.