Caseware Launches Cloud-Based Financial Reporting Solution: Caseware Financials

LONDON, May 14, 2024Caseware International, a global leader in cloud-enabled audit, financial reporting and data analytics solutions, today announced the launch of Caseware Financials for the UK market. The new innovative cloud-based application marks a significant milestone in Caseware’s commitment to empowering accounting practitioners worldwide to work smarter and more efficiently.

Caseware Financials addresses the challenges inherent in financial reporting processes. As a cloud-based application, it provides seamless assistance in preparing, reviewing, and delivering professionally formatted and accurate financial statements. The solution’s intuitive interface and powerful features enable users to generate compliant year-end accounts with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership compared to other solutions.

Key features of Caseware Financials include:

  • Automatic drafting of financial statements
  • Built-in review tools with warnings and diagnostics
  • Simplified data imports with intelligent mapping suggestions
  • Carry forward functionality
  • Multi-user access for enhanced collaboration
  • Fully automated tagging, allowing you to export your instance document in an HTML format

Manual processes, rounding errors, cross-checking and validation, data integrity, changing accounting standards, and document management complexities are effectively addressed by Caseware Financials.

Finance teams can seamlessly gather financial data from various sources, record transactions, and make real-time adjustments, while reviewers can access statements remotely, adding control and quality to the entire process. Secure collaboration features enable multi-user access from different locations, facilitating real-time collaboration and enhancing decision-making with up-to-date information.

Caseware Financials automates financial statement preparation through a tailored checklist, importing and mapping data directly from Excel, CSV, and accounting packages. The application offers customization and flexibility, allowing users to refine reports to meet specific organizational requirements while ensuring compliance with the latest reporting standards.

Caseware Financials also includes intelligent mapping suggestions, enhanced review tools, multi-language support, and localized content across various geographies. Its integration within the Caseware ecosystem provides a unified platform for interconnected financial data and reports.

“Our mission is to improve financial reporting by empowering accounting practitioners to work smarter and more efficiently,” remarked Simon Warren, VP, Head of Global Solutions at Caseware. “Caseware Financials is an intuitive, fast and user-friendly solution that can help easily prepare, review and deliver professionally formatted and accurate financial statements in the cloud. Practices will see improved efficiency and save time by leveraging Caseware Financials to effortlessly generate compliant year-end accounts with just a few clicks.”

“With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and commitment to compliance, Caseware Financials empowers accounting professionals in the UK to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and make informed decisions with confidence,” said Natasha Kobrak, Head of Product Management UK at Caseware.

Visit Caseware at stand 420 for a demo of Caseware Financials – Accountex London │ ExCeL │ 15-16 May 2024.

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