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2024 State of Accounting Firms Trends Report

Read this comprehensive report to discover the latest trends that will shape the future of accounting firms in 2024 and beyond


Caseware’s 2024 State of Accounting Firms Trends Report – available now – offers accounting professionals a timely and informative look at what’s happening in the industry on a host of today’s most important topics. 

This comprehensive report is the result of a global survey conducted from September to October 2023, gathering insights from thousands of industry practitioners worldwide. The survey covered key trends in accounting, such as rapidly emerging technologies like generative AI, the ongoing talent procurement and retention situation, as well as how new laws and regulations are affecting operations.

Get your free copy of the report today to:

  • Discover the latest developments on such key issues as hiring and retaining talent, adopting new technologies and the growth of client advisory services
  • See what the biggest practice management challenges are for accounting firms as the new year begins 
  • Get timely insights on key trends from accounting industry experts and practitioners

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that accounting professionals understand the forces of change affecting the future of accounting – from the changing nature of how work gets done, to the rise of intelligent technologies that are making what was previously impossible, possible, to the shifting expectations of clients and the new services that are developing to meet them, to the continued growth of both Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) factors. 

Caseware’s third-annual State of Accounting Firms Trends Report helps practices make sense of these developments and provides useful insights to help them confidently manage the obstacles and opportunities that await them in the year ahead – and beyond.

Some of the key questions covered in-depth in the report include:

  • What is today’s biggest challenge confronting accounting firms? 
  • What kinds of firms will experience the biggest growth in technology adoption over the next year?
  • Is the challenge of hiring and retaining talent getting easier to manage, or will it continue to persist into 2024?

Ensure your practice is prepared for whatever change the future may hold. Download your free copy of the 2024 State of Accounting Firms Trends Report to glean more insights on these and other accounting trends.