Caseware Support Policy

It is Caseware’s goal to provide clients with innovative products of the highest quality. To enable us to continue to improve our world-leading software, it is important that we only support a limited number of versions at one time; typically, the current shipping and one prior version. New features and enhancements, patch releases, hotfixes, technical support etc. will not be provided for earlier versions.

Please see the table below for examples of the supported versions of some Caseware products:

ProductSupported Versions
Caseware Working Papers2023, 2022
Caseware Audit25.00, 24.00, 23.00
Caseware Financials17.00, 16.00
Caseware/CPA Canada PEG2023, 2022, 2021

To see the current shipping versions of all Caseware products, please visit our webpage at

Caseware is happy to offer implementation advice and deployment strategies to any client needing assistance to upgrade to a current version.