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Financial Reporting

Developing financial statements and reports is a key task for many accounting firms - one that has come under greater scrutiny in recent years. Many organizations spend significant amounts of time to ensure that financial information is accurate, reliable, and supportable, particularly when information is maintained in a number of independent documents, spreadsheets and working paper files.

Cut down on the complications associated with financial reporting. Whether your client needs to be in compliance with US GAAP, IFRS Canadian ASPE, or another standard, our financial reporting solution enables you to produce camera-ready financial statements immediately after you’ve imported your trial balance data. With easy-to-use tools and templates, you can create financial statements quickly and with the confidence that any adjusting journal entries that you make will update all financial statement areas, including notes, accordingly.

Financials’ flexibility also allows you to create firm-approved customized financial statements to cut-down on workload and ensure consistency year-over-year and across clients.