Perspectives on Technology: Trends and Innovation in Accounting

Perspectives on Technology: Trends and Innovation in Accounting

Watch expert advice on how to implement technology in accounting.

With the Digital CPA Conference 2023 just days away, professionals can look forward to hearing about the newest accounting technology, strategies and trends.

The opportunity to move to digital processing and automation is an option most firms can’t turn down. But as important as transforming audit practices with advanced technology is, the preparation and support necessary before firms take their first steps is paramount. 

Caseware’s Travis Finch, SVP & Head of Commercial – Americas, and’s Kalil Merhib, Executive Vice President, Growth & Professional Services, sat down to discuss their perspectives on the necessary elements for successful adoption and change management.

Below are excerpts from their conversation around three key topics: Technology & Audit Innovation, Accuracy in Innovation, and Myth Busting: Modern Day Technology Adoption. 

Technology & Audit Innovation 

This video explores the trends we’ve seen in 2023 — everything from GenAI and blockchain to other technologies built into the cloud — and what they mean to the CPA profession. Now that firms are getting more comfortable with new tech adoption, Travis and Kalil offer advice on where they should focus and prioritize their resources. 

Accuracy in Innovation

Next, Travis and Kalil discuss how organizations need to be intentional about their current state and what they want to change using technology and agile practices. Accuracy in innovation is about how a firm might innovate in real-world scenarios. This video talks about how to make your strategies and plans for innovation impactful and meaningful for your firm. 

Myth Busting: Modern Day Technology Adoption 

There is a lot of noise that can lead to a lot of misperceptions about what is happening, and what is available, with the new technology circulating in the accounting profession. In this video, Travis and Kalil poke holes in some of the myths that professionals and their firms may embrace. They also serve up research that firms can investigate as they start their technology adoption plans.

Attending the Digital CPA Conference? Be sure to drop by the booth to connect with Kalil, Travis and the rest of the and Caseware teams. They’ll be happy to discuss their perspectives on technology, innovation and where the profession is heading. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore a full suite of solutions developed in partnership by Caseware and