Boost Staff Efficiency with Caseware Sherlock

Boost Staff Efficiency with Caseware Sherlock

Discover how automation, valuable insights and improved collaboration can be realized.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, accounting firms need to leverage the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. One of the most significant advancements in recent years is the development of business intelligence tools, which have revolutionized how these firms operate today and will evolve in the coming years.

This is where an accounting practice intelligence software like Caseware Sherlock can be a game-changer. Sherlock helps firms quickly analyze large data sets and gain insights that can be used to improve decision-making and optimize processes. We will consider some of the benefits and see how such software can help accounting firms streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Automate data analysis

Firms deal with large volumes of data on a daily basis, which can be overwhelming for staff. Business intelligence software can help automate many repetitive tasks, such as data validation and report generation. This frees up time for staff to focus on more complex tasks, such as analyzing financial data and providing strategic advice to clients

Through Sherlock, you can plot year-over-year trends for a client on any combination of quantitative or qualitative data points stored in the engagement. You can also automatically flag changes of interest or concern, such as a notice of a sudden change in an account balance above a set variance limit.

You can also compare the same data points across engagements for benchmarking purposes. Another significant upside of utilizing such a software is that it can automate the data mining and analysis process. This means that accounting firms can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing it to gain insights into their business operations.

Draw valuable insights

In today’s data-driven world, there is a wealth of data available that can be used to gain insights into business operations. However, without the right tools and processes, this data can be overwhelming, and in some cases not centrally accessible. This makes it difficult for auditors and accountants to draw meaningful insights. 

Utilizing practice intelligence software like Sherlock can help firms gain valuable insights into their clients’ financial data. It can be used to identify trends and patterns like increases in expenses – not just capturing the total amount, but also the actual changes within expense-related accounts in the trial balance. 

You can also easily view year-over-year changes in key financial ratios, such as current ratio, debt ratio, gross profit ratio, etc. – insights that would be more time-consuming to spot using traditional methods. These findings can be used to provide clients more strategic advice and help firms improve their overall service delivery and add value.

Reduce human errors

Manually collecting and analyzing data is time-consuming and prone to human error, which can lead to costly mistakes. Sherlock can help generate accurate and reliable data that can help accounting and audit firms make informed decisions about their business operations. In addition to reducing the chance of human errors through automation, it can also help firms identify and correct errors quickly. 

With Sherlock, users no longer need to open individual files to capture the information they’re looking for, a process that can lead to errors if there are changes they are not aware of. They may also miss valuable context because they are not looking at all the data as a whole. The chances of users mistakenly taking the wrong data point are reduced. All of this can save time and money for the firm, as errors can be identified and corrected before they become major issues.

Provide updated and accurate data

Given the abundance of data availability, firms expect to have access to updated financial data at all times. Sherlock provides them with updated and accurate data, including trial balance insights, document completion and sign-off status, issues being raised and whether client discussions are required, which can be used to make informed decisions quickly. This helps accounting and audit firms respond to clients’ needs more quickly and efficiently, leading to increased client satisfaction.

In addition to updated information, data accuracy is also critical for firms, as errors can lead to costly mistakes. Sherlock can help improve data accuracy by allowing you to visualize the underlying data through easy-to-understand visual dashboards that provide meaningful insights. This can save staff members significant time and ensure that data is accurate, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall quality of service delivery.

Improve collaboration

Collaboration is critical for accounting firms, as staff members need to work together to provide the best possible service to clients. Business intelligence and analytics software can help improve collaboration by providing a centralized platform for data analysis and reporting. This platform can be accessed by all staff members, regardless of their location, which helps improve communication and collaboration.

Staff can discuss with other team members the status of key deliverables, progress rates and specific issues across multiple engagements from a central report, while not having to directly open the file. During meetings with clients, you can bring up powerful visuals to discuss year-over-year trends in their financials and key ratios, and provide a visual update on the overall progress of their engagement.

Boost productivity

By automating the data mining process, Sherlock allows staff to spend more time analyzing data. The app allows you to identify which engagements and tasks require immediate attention, and which issues are waiting to be addressed or require additional information and details from clients, that can help the firm better manage their projects and complete tasks faster.

In addition, business intelligence and analytics software can help streamline workflows and processes, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks. This can free up staff to focus on more complex tasks, improving their job satisfaction and reducing the risk of burnout.

Be future-ready

With the right practice intelligence software, accounting firms can gain a competitive edge in the market and provide their clients with the best possible service. Ready to transform your practice and elevate it to new heights? Experience the transformative power of Sherlock today and discover how automation, valuable insights and improved collaboration can boost your firm’s efficiency and profitability. Take the first step now – explore Caseware Sherlock.

Mush Shaharyar
Product Marketing Manager
Mush Shaharyar is a Product Marketing Manager at Caseware.