5 ways cloud-based collaboration boosts productivity

5 ways cloud-based collaboration boosts productivity

Collaboration among colleagues and with clients has always been fundamental to the accounting profession. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that when firms promote collaboration, they experience an increase in productivity levels. What’s more, boosting productivity is paramount for firms looking to stay competitive in 2018 and beyond.

How can firms promote this joint work and synergy? With the cloud. A handful of years have passed since the accounting sector began to forecast the benefits of the cloud. Since this forecast, accountants have seen that cloud platforms offer much more than backup services. Namely, they welcome the cloud as an ideal solution for enhancing teamwork. Cloud platforms remove barriers, create new opportunities to communicate, work together, and much more. Let’s look at benefits of 5 cloud collaboration:

  1. Mobility
  2. File management
  3. File sharing
  4. Synchronization
  5. Communication


With the cloud, accountants can stay effective on-the-go. More than just visiting clients, the cloud promotes a mobile workforce with the ability to work away from the office. From anywhere, at any time, accountants can use their mobile devices to access the tools and documents they need for completing engagements.

File management, file sharing, and synchronization

Effective file management fuels collaboration on engagements. With the cloud, it is easy to store, keep track of, and share files to limit the time spent performing administrative tasks.

As a file sharing solution, the cloud extends to client service. With a secure client portal and query system, the need for multiple email threads and attachments is eliminated. This creates a more secure, streamlined process that saves time and eases logistical headaches. In addition to this, engagement teams can simultaneously work on files and synchronize efforts in real time.


The cloud also facilitates communication, an essential ingredient in effective collaboration. Cloud platforms make it easy to share status reports, work and comment in real-time, and provide feedback to reviewers and preparers to keep each other informed of their progress. Plus, the cloud is an effective solution for tracking this communication, thanks to its intuitive organization by categories.


The cloud facilitates collaboration and communication. With the barriers it removes and the opportunities it creates, the cloud is the optimal tool for increasing productivity. As a result, firms can optimize their billable hours and allocate more time to consulting and advisory services – two ways of securing client satisfaction.

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