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Agile Audit Essentials

The Cloud Audit (Agile Audit) Essentials training course provides auditors with a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and efficiently complete an audit engagement using Agile Audit on the Caseware Cloud platform.

The 3.5 hour training session will methodically work through the 3 key phases of an audit engagement (Planning and Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Reporting), and aligns with the workflow built-in to Agile Audit. Auditors will learn how to import and map client data, setup and tailor working papers and content, document risk assessment and work performed in response, produce deliverables, and complete the engagement effectively.

Tips and best practices on how to utilise core documentation functionality and collaboration tools are also included in the course, ensuring that auditors are ready to hit the ground running at the conclusion of the course.

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$ 300 AUD

Dates & Locations

  • Wed, Apr 10 10:00 - 1:30 pm Online