Insights that greatly impact the speed and depth of your analysis.
Leverage AI to provide valuable insight through automated data capture and analysis

Insights with Impact through OnPoint Analytics

OnPoint AnalyticsAI is a risk-based transaction analysis tool that auditors can use to scan large transaction sets and find exceptions that might warrant further investigation. By indicating areas of higher risk, it helps auditors plan their audit. It also enables better client communication and questions during fieldwork, as well as focused sampling toward medium or high-risk transactions. OnPoint AnalyticsAI helps drive deep analysis of client data to augment auditor judgement and provide added value for clients.

OnPoint AnalyticsAI Features

Tailored, Risk-based Analysis to Help Identify Focus Areas:

If an account requires a closer look, it can be designated as an ‘influencer’ account which helps auditors determine audit priority, scope, and risk score for that account.

Increased Confidence in Data Accuracy & Completeness:

Data completeness can be confirmed automatically through data reconciliation, control totals, and data profiles.

Powerful Insights:

Compare transactions across multiple dimensions and use the clickable Risk Summary widget to isolate areas of interest and examine the details.

More Meaningful Audit Analysis:

OnPoint AnalyticsAI generates configuration reports with documented understandable evidence that outlines analysis conducted (such as tests run, scores and parameters).