CaseWare’s smart accounting firm solutions help your teams work more efficiently while providing enhanced client value.

Real-time collaboration across audit teams help your firm streamline audit practices, reduce errors and inconsistencies and decrease administration time.


Empowering Collaboration,
Efficiencies, and Quality


Founded in Toronto in 1988, CaseWare International Inc. is a global software provider for accountants and auditors. Our solutions continue to push the technological boundaries in the industry by combining the power of automation with secure collaborative tools to help our customers reach new levels of productivity – and make better business decisions. CaseWare solutions are trusted by over 400,000 users in 130 countries and in 16 languages.

Our goal is to help you enhance three key business outcomes:


Leverage best practices, automation and collaboration tools to be more efficient with your resources while being confident with the outcomes.


Enhance project quality in real-time with instant access to the information you need – from engagement monitoring and review tools to dashboards and feedback mechanisms that can be used throughout work processes.


Provide more value to your organization and clients by leveraging data analytics that allow you to identify new opportunities and make better business decisions.

30 Years Established
Engagements Powered by CaseWare*

* Based on the assumption of the average number of engagements performed, per licence.

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