Live online course

Cloud Audit (Mercia)

This e-course is aimed at new users of the Cloud Audit templates within Caseware Smart Engagement and will guide you through the preparation of a UK Company Audit (Mercia) file.

The course steps are applicable to our range of Cloud Audit templates. Prior to completing the e-course, you should consider undertaking the Caseware Cloud e-course, which provides guidance on how to navigate and configure Caseware Cloud.


On completing this Cloud Audit e-course you’ll be able to prepare an audit file with sufficient documentation to support your audit opinion.

In order to achieve this you will:

  1. Create an engagement file and work through preliminary tailoring
  2. Request information from the client and import into the file
  3. Import financial data and map the chart of accounts
  4. Complete the planning documents (including materiality, scoping and risks)
  5. Create and tailor procedures, ready for fieldwork
  6. Work through the completion documents

Move onto the Course Guidance module for some top tips for completing the course.