Corporation Tax

Enable your team to produce tax computations and CT600s faster with automation and integration.

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Filing tax has accelerated past the days of paper submissions – the future of tax is digital. Thrive in the digital world and efficiently manage your tax process with Caseware Corporation Tax.

Leverage capability and integration and automate the process of producing corporation tax computations and filing CT600. Enhance your efficiency at every stage of your tax process and calculate, analyse, produce, tag and submit online in one easy process.


Integrated step by step guidance that increases accuracy and efficiency

Be up and running in minutes and use the built-in wizard with logical, easy-to-follow workflows enabling you to guarantee computations quickly, then check, analyse and adjust as necessary.

Full integration enables you to see the picture clearly

Our software works perfectly as a standalone product, but also integrates fully with our suite of products. Offering full integration saves you time by pre-populating fields for you and eliminates the need to import or export data from other sources.

Direct submissions to HMRC all in one place, through Caseware Cloud

Incorporating all the latest taxonomies and revised CT600 forms, our solution allows you to quickly and easily complete and submit an unlimited amount of tax returns directly to HMRC online


Comply with confidence

Comply with confidence

We take care of the latest statutory guidance so you can have the peace of mind that accuracy and compliance are always guaranteed.
Work together - from anywhere

Work together – from anywhere

With our additional hybrid tools, staff in multiple locations can collaborate without the need for being in the same location.
Ensure consistency and efficiency

Ensure consistency and efficiency

Experience efficiencies with synchronisation between tax and accounting modules, giving you more time to focus on additional client work.

Supporting tools

Easy-to-use templates that simplifies the statutory reporting processes

Take advantage of carefully crafted templates developed by leading standards bodies designed to simplify the lives of accountants and auditors.

  • Accounts Production

    Most year end accounts are too complex for paper-based, manual processes and require digital tools to automate the processes. With Caseware, you can quickly and efficiently produce your year end accounts across a wide range of entity types, no matter how complex your accounting is.

  • Caseware IDEA

    Data analytics is changing the game for audit, accounting and finance professionals worldwide. When analysing audit data — whether you're detecting fraud or identifying anomalies, trends and patterns — you must have a solution that delivers high-quality results without fail.

Let Caseware’s advanced applications take your firm to a new level of success

These modern tools are designed to reduce repetition and needless work, enabling your staff to work smarter and quicker to deliver better results.

  • Cloud Audit

    Most audits have evolved past using manual processes. Now, digital tools are needed to enhance efficiency. Using the power of Caseware cloud, our audit solution empowers your teams to collaborate more effectively and quickly and efficiently produce high-quality audits.

  • Disclosure Checklist

    Our Disclosure Checklist application aids accountants by eliminating unnecessary disclosure questions, helping to streamline their financial reporting processes.

Ramp up your engagements with cutting-edge capabilities

Tap into advanced features that allow your firm to manage files easily and communicate with clients and staff like never before

  • SmartSync

    Provide everyone on your team with up-to-date changes to working papers, eliminating the need to manage synchronisation. Team members collaborate on local copies of a client file in real time, with each automated Working Papers file syncing in the background.

  • CloudBridge

    CloudBridge is a powerful software tool enabling users to seamlessly transfer data from Caseware Working Papers to a cloud engagement.

Drive transformation with Caseware’s trusted and reliable products