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Unlock the power of data-driven engagements with Caseware IDEA data analysis software

Data analytics is changing the game for audit, accounting and finance professionals worldwide. When analysing audit data — whether you’re detecting fraud or identifying anomalies, trends and patterns — you must have a solution that delivers high-quality results without fail.

With a modern, intuitive interface and advanced analytical functionalities, Caseware IDEA software accelerates data analytics, provides a user-friendly experience and supplies you with in-depth knowledge in a timely, cost-effective manner.


Seamless data imports to add engagement efficiency

Import data easily from top sources, including PDF, Excel and CSV. IDEA accounting software also works with 50+ packages (Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, etc.), Caseware Working Papers, Python and more.

Powerful audit analytics for deeper, more informative insights

Boost your view with our all-in-one analytical tool that covers every audit need. Whether you’re running a specific test, like sampling, or using built-in automated tests for an entire financial audit, IDEA has you covered.

Comprehensive reporting that gives auditors the full view of what’s happening

Visually pinpoint patterns, trends and outliers using interactive dashboards. With seamless integrations, you can export engagement results or third-party applications.

Reliable audit trail that delivers an accurate and reliable record

Master your work with Project Overview. This tool displays every task’s status using sleek graphics. Document the project or generate a script quickly to re-run the analytics later.


Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Automate data analysis using ready-made workflows and simplified navigation to reduce errors. Watch productivity soar as staff focus on more critical work, saving time and money.
Improve risk management

Improve risk management

Mitigate risks related to data security and confidentiality with Caseware’s unified ecosystem. Harness audit intelligence and machine learning techniques to generate risk-based samples.
Reclaim time and money

Reclaim time and money

Reduce wasted time. Save weeks using IDEA to verify and analyse hundreds of thousands of records in minutes.
Strengthen collaboration

Strengthen collaboration

Improve documentation, reporting and collaboration with colleagues and clients, strengthening the audit process and other engagements.
Bolster data integrity

Bolster data integrity

Analyse all data with full confidence using read-only access to source data. IDEA guarantees the accuracy of audit assessments and disclosures in published financial statements.
Provide an unforgettable customer experience

Provide an unforgettable customer experience

IDEA’s intuitive design prioritises users. With our software, you receive a wealth of resources to gear teams for success.

Supporting Tools

Enhance your IDEA experience

Take advantage of these modules to run more tests and generate better insights.

  • IDEA Lab

    IDEA Lab offers an expanding library of advanced analytics plug-ins developed by industry experts. It includes cutting-edge technologies that provide solutions for various tasks and industry-specific functions.

  • SmartAnalyzer

    SmartAnalyzer is a collection of queries and tasks that improve the quality and consistency of every audit engagement. It offers an extensive set of routines for analysing general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable transactions.

  • Passport

    Passport is Caseware IDEA’s all-in-one user portal. It hosts software downloads, tutorials, videos, SmartAnalyzer apps, sample scripts, custom functions, tech tips, industry-related content and more.

Boost your reports with these added features

These plug-ins add more capabilities to your IDEA solution.

  • Exceptional exceptions

    Access audit intelligence and machine learning techniques to generate risk-based samples and provide overviews of risk areas. Identify notable journal entries and focus audit efforts on items posing the highest threat of fraud or error.

  • Financials app

    Get access to a collection of 55+ smart audit tests for faster, detailed analysis of the general ledger and important sub-ledgers to detect anomalies, exceptions or outliers effortlessly.

  • Journal entry testing

    Apply over 20 journal entry audit tests. Plus, use integrated workflows between procedures and IDEA for analytics to help users conduct audit tests directly and save engagement evidence.

  • Fuzzy join

    Perform a fuzzy join between two IDEA databases by testing for possible duplicates.

  • Relative size factor

    Identify anomalies where the most considerable AMOUNT field value for subsets in each key is outside the norm.

  • Subset sampling

    Perform a Stratified Random Sample analysis, enabling high-value sampling on multiple subsets. Run the plug-in independently on any data set or as a complement to the Exceptional Exceptions application.

  • Text analysis

    Parse and analyse report files, then import results into IDEA to create sentiment analysis, word frequency and word cloud charts.

Take your IDEA solution to the next level

These innovative tools offer additional capabilities to IDEA’s core functionality.

  • SmartExporter

    Leverage SmartExporter, an intuitive, user-friendly, Windows-based extraction tool, to pinpoint and export the precise SAP® data required for analyses. This integration will simplify workflows, diminish wait times and augment operational efficiencies.

  • Cloud Import Utility

    Integrate IDEA with over 90 accounting applications that can fetch information, such as trial balance, with precision and consistency.

Easy-to-use templates that simplifies the financial reporting process

Take advantage of carefully crafted templates developed by leading standards bodies designed to simplify the lives of finance professional

  • Accounts Production

    We offer many templates for financial statement preparation for accounting practices and corporations based on accounting standards, including FRS 101, 102, 105 and IFRS.

  • Corporation Tax

    Leverage capability and integration and automate the process of producing corporation tax computations and filing CT600. Enhance your efficiency at every stage of your tax process and calculate, analyse, produce, tag and submit online in one easy process.

Deliver deeper insights and more informed business decisions