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Generative AI: Changing the Accounting Landscape


Generative AI is a transformative technology that has the potential to revolutionise the way we live and work. GenAI has the processing power to take over repetitive tasks and free up time for accountants to focus on what matters most. It can also bring new products and ideas to market more rapidly. But as with every new tech, practitioners must make sure they can trust it and also be aware of its possible drawbacks. 

To gain a full understanding of the potential of GenAI and its place in accounting and auditing products and solutions, join guest presenters Scott Epstein, Chief Product Officer, and Matt Baxter, Computing and Technology Orchestrator, from the Caseware executive team. Drawing on their rich experience in this space, Scott and Matt will share their vision of how advanced software offerings can incorporate GenAI capabilities and help to improve business processes within accounting firms.

Attend this informative webinar and you will:

  • gain a basic understanding of GenAI
  • understand the accounting perspective regarding GenAI, along with its dangers and benefits
  • hear Caseware’s perspective on product development initiatives incorporating GenAI
  • find out how you can learn more about GenAI in a tangible way