Manage Your Files Efficiently and Easily With Caseware Cloud

Manage Your Files Efficiently and Easily With Caseware Cloud

Discover how a platform like Caseware Cloud can greatly improve the document management process.

The organization of your digital files can have an important impact on your accounting business. Your team, your clients and regulators all need to be able to easily find and access the documents they need. If your staff is unable to do so, it will slow down your workflow. If your clients can’t do so, they’ll probably look for another accounting firm. And if regulators can’t, you may face harsh penalties.

File organization was one thing in the days of paper files. However, these days, almost all important accounting files must be digital, and as data rapidly proliferates, there are more files than ever to manage. That is why having a document management system like Caseware Cloud can be a lifesaver for your accounting firm. 

The shift from paper to paperless files

There’s no question that the accounting world has become increasingly digitized in the past few years. Many firms have already moved all of the paper files they are working with into a digital system (i.e., an accounting file management system) and accept only digital files from this point forward – and there are good reasons for this. 

One reason is that it’s much easier to streamline document management. Instead of searching through shelves and boxes full of paper files to find just the right document, you can simply go to your server or database and search for relevant terms until the document comes up. This saves your team time so they can focus on more meaningful work. 

Paperless can also save money because you won’t have to invest as much in printer paper or equipment. When your paperless document management is stored in the cloud, you’ll save money because your team can access files from anywhere at any time. Your office can go fully remote or hybrid, and you will have much less need for computer and desk equipment on the premises.

How Caseware Cloud helps

Caseware Cloud offers document management solutions that are stored in the cloud rather than on a local computer or server. This can come with a number of benefits to the efficiency of your document management. 

Here are just a few ways that Caseware Cloud helps your accounting firm:

Centralized data storage

The first benefit of Caseware Cloud that many users mention is the ability to have all of their relevant accounting files in one centralized location. It’s easier for clients and regulators to access and easier for staff to find and work with. In a centralized database, you can easily search for a term included in the document you need and find what you’re looking for.

Caseware also offers archiving and backup features that can help to ensure you never lose the files you need. Rather than deleting files, you can archive them so that they can be recovered when needed. Then, thanks to the autosaves and backups that come with advanced cloud software, you don’t have to worry about losing your work to a computer crash.

Simple navigation

Caseware Cloud emphasizes the user experience, offering simple and easy-to-use navigation to streamline your work. Clients can easily access their secure client portals, and your team can browse through menus, features and task lists that are all clearly marked in order to work with improved efficiency. This cuts down on all the wasted time spent searching or getting used to new, complicated software. 

This clear, simple navigation is another way to eliminate misplaced files. Often, files are lost not because they are deleted but because the accounting firm doesn’t know how to find them among all their other files. Being able to search quickly and navigate without confusion significantly reduces this risk.

Reduced frustration from the accounting team

The recent “Great Resignation” has impacted the accounting world as surely as it has other areas of the economy. Accounting burnout hit hard in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and outdated systems (as well as heavy workloads) only contribute to that burnout. By making the process of document management more efficient, you save your accounting team time and frustration. They can then focus on the important parts of their jobs rather than becoming burned out by tedious grunt work. 

Increased client satisfaction

When your team is able to work more efficiently, your output is stronger. Clients notice the difference in the higher quality of service that comes when your staff feels fulfilled and works efficiently. If your clients are satisfied with the work they receive from your firm, they’re more likely to come back or recommend you to others. 

Plus, the client portal gives clients a stronger sense of communication and trust with your accounting firm. Through the portal, they can easily review their own documents, add documents and collaborate with your team. 

Top-notch security

There is more to accounting document management than organization. It’s also important – especially in the age of digital files – to make sure those documents containing sensitive financial information are secure. There is a common misconception that because cloud software stores your documents “in the cloud,” they are less secure and that anyone can access them.

The truth is that many types of cloud software, including Caseware Cloud, use encryption to protect sensitive documents. Encryption essentially scrambles the content of your files if unauthorized users attempt to access them. That way, even if someone hacks into your document database, they won’t be able to read any of the files. 

Caseware uses bank-level encryption and stores data in the leading data centers from Amazon Web Services. Our software security is SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 certified, so our clients can rest easy knowing their information is safe with us.

Let Caseware Cloud revolutionize your accounting document management

Cloud document management is the way of the future for accounting firms. Fortunately, it’s never been easier than with Caseware Cloud. Its state-of-the-art features can streamline your workflow whether your team works in the office or remotely. 

With an easier, clearer work system, your team can avoid the burnout that comes with tedious tasks, and with more efficient output, your clients will be happier, too. Check out Caseware Cloud today for yourself by requesting a demo.