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CaseWare provides new levels of business efficiency with our modern cloud technology. We are changing the face of audit and financial reporting with data analytics, leading to better decision-making and stronger financial results.

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CaseWare Working Papers

Experience intelligent reporting, real-time collaboration and powerful assurance and reporting functionality with CaseWare Working Papers. Our highly flexible engagement management software seamlessly integrates audit files and working papers, minimizing risk and ensuring the highest level of accuracy and compliance. Enriched business insights and reports are a click away.

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CaseWare Audit

Simplify the audit process and streamline assurance, analysis and reporting engagements with CaseWare Audit. Our audit software solution leverages advanced automation and leading audit methodologies for shorter, faster and more risk-focused audits. With a customizable template, conducting more industry-specific audits has never been easier.

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CaseWare ReviewCompTax

Add value and gain efficiencies to your firm's business services by integrating Review or Compilation engagements with Tax engagements into one workflow with CaseWare RCT. Our collaborative solution features tailored workflows and single source data to enable accountants to work more efficiently. And with a cloud-based, centralized client portal, teams can work securely from anywhere, on any device.

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CaseWare Cloud

Collaborate remotely with clients and colleagues with CaseWare's cloud-based accounting software solution. CaseWare Cloud integrates with a suite of intelligent tools and solutions, to improve the quality and efficiency of your engagements and enhance practice management. Benefit from the highest industry security standards. Accelerate your firm's digital transformation to the cloud.

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Accounting Firms

CaseWare is at the forefront of technology designed to change the future of audit and business services. Discover new ways of working that will produce better results faster.

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Do you know who you are doing business with? Let CaseWare help you turn analytics into actionable business insights.

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Produce accurate and compliant reports every time. From annual reports to budget books, automate with CaseWare so you can focus on the insights.

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News, Updates & Insights

Cloud Computing Becomes Crucial for Accounting Firms

By Samantha Mansfield “‘The Network is the Computer’ was Sun Microsystems’ slogan of the 1990s. It described what computing has now become,” says Nicholas Carr in his book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google; the internet has become our computer. Purchasing a PC or laptop today is less about the computing […]

More Tax Leaders Turning to Digital Transformation: Report

Tax leaders and chief financial officers alike are ramping up investments in digital transformation technologies to help their companies adjust to hybrid work models and the new economic realities brought on by the pandemic. These were some of the findings in a recent PwC Pulse Survey, which examined business leaders’ evolving approaches and strategies on […]

Accountants Turn To Technology During Pandemic

The global pandemic reminded accountants and auditors that it is impossible to be in complete control of every circumstance surrounding their practices. It’s also become clear, however, that with the right technology tools and digital strategy, it is possible to counter the ill effects that such disasters can bring about and minimize their negative fallout. […]

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