Streamline your audit engagements.

Combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Audit is a powerful and efficient "out-of-the-box" solution for performing assurance, analysis and reporting engagements.


Fulfill all your audit needs

Audit is adaptable for any sized firm - large or small. Equipped with the flexibility to use built-in content or add your own, Audit can address all your requirements. Our OneForm document is a single area for documenting all areas of the audit engagement.

Optimise your auditing

CaseWare Audit makes your audit process more intelligent than ever before with the Audit Optimiser. This groundbreaking tool works behind the scenes to build the most appropriate work programs based on criteria defined by your firm. This results in peace of mind knowing that staff are performing "just the right" amount of work for a given area.

Take advantage of enhanced functionality

Armed with our next-generation report writer, work programs and checklists are more user-friendly than ever before.

Leverage built-in libraries

Audit comes pre-packaged with extensive knowledge libraries of standard audit procedures so you're never starting from scratch.

Easily manage risks and controls

Record, track and summarize risks and controls with a powerful centralized risk and controls tracking system. Create numerous reports to analyze the identified risks and controls.

Review files efficiently

With easy access to financial statements, work programs, lead sheets and working papers, partners/managers can review a file even while work is progressing in other parts of the file.

Quickly update content

Drag and drop content into an existing client file using the convenient Document Library function. Compare the procedures in your engagement file to the firm's master file to ensure that your procedures are up to date. Quickly highlight the changes made to work programs and checklists.


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