Effective and Efficient Workflow Management.

Caseware Accomplish boosts productivity, keeps everyone on track, and builds confidence in the work being done. Keeping focussed on the right tasks ensures time is spent where it’s needed most, and that deadlines are always met. Visibility into the status of all engagements across the firm, allows for more accurate planning to achieve overall business goals. It’s time to remove silos and adopt more effective ways of working.

Caseware Accomplish Features

Full-Suite Integration

Work done across tools (Working Papers, Time & Billing, PBC Requests, etc.), is tracked in one place, ensuring nothing is missed and reducing the risk of inconsistent information.

Interactive Dashboards

See your firm’s full work stream at a glance. Apply custom views and filters to ensure critical deadlines don’t compete, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you

Real Time Deliverable Status

Keep on top of internal and external deliverables, know the status of each task (open, unassigned, overdue) and customize based on what is most critical to you

Workload Customization

Easily drag and drop tasks to reallocate among staff so all critical work is accounted for, workload is optimized and work is equally distributed

Interested in seeing the product features come to life? Watch a product demo!

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