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To create breakthrough opportunities that push the technological boundaries in the industry, we are dedicated to continuous innovation for accountants and auditors in practices large and small, in corporations and governments worldwide.


We develop cutting-edge software solutions that change the future of audit, financial reporting and data analytics. To achieve this, we continually work to produce a stream of successful product improvements, innovations, adaptations, and extensions.


To function effectively, promote leadership, and encourage development, we need to be a part of a larger system. Our staff, along with our local and global partners and clients are all a part of the glue that binds us together as a community and allows us to work towards a larger goal.


At the heart of excellence – on both the individual and organizational level – is culture. We strive for a corporate culture that empowers, focuses, and engages employees. Our teams are equipped with the mindset and skills necessary to develop cutting-edge software solutions.


Innovation is seen as the outcome of our community and standard of excellence. This requires continuous evolution. To achieve this, we provide the right combination of people, culture, and focus.

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