Caseware AiDA: The Future of Accounting and Audit

Caseware AiDA is a state-of-the-art AI-powered digital assistant designed to revolutionize the accounting, audit and finance professions. As the latest enhancement to the industry-leading Caseware Cloud platform, AiDA combines the power of AI with the latest compliance frameworks to deliver unparalleled efficiency, compliance and precision.

Key benefits

Enhanced workflow efficiency with precision and relevance

AiDA enhances efficiency by providing precise, context-aware responses to profession-specific inquiries. Reducing the amount of mundane work required by accounting, audit and finance experts, AiDA enables you to work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively and gain deeper insights. From safe content generation to document summarization, AiDA is here to create efficiencies and support you in achieving more with less effort.

Empowering users

AiDA is designed to be a powerful digital assistant, not a co-pilot. It enhances the capabilities of accountants, auditors and finance professionals without replacing the need for professional judgement and skepticism.

Fit for purpose and quality

AiDA is tailored to meet the specific needs of accounting professionals, ensuring relevance, quality and precision in its responses.

Reassurance around security and compliance

With AiDA, no prompts are retained or fed back into the training model, maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance that Caseware has always delivered for the profession.

How can I experience AiDA?

Currently available in the U.S and Australia, AiDA can be added to any Caseware Cloud application. Firm administrators can request early access for their Cloud platform site by contacting New markets are being added and will be announced soon.

Discover ways AiDA can transform your firm today

Caseware AiDA is available and ready to take your practice to new levels of efficiency and success. Here are just a few examples of how AiDA can help transform your operation through the power of AI.

Find the answers you need

What happens with questions/prompts?


We do not store prompts nor are prompts fed back into any models. 

Even on our feedback feature, we are not storing prompts.

Does AiDA store feedback?


For user inputs into the feedback form, we are storing the content (but not the underlying prompt) so that we can have our teams read the feedback and make improvements as needed.

What infrastructure does AiDA use?


Amazon Bedrock on AWS in the associated regions (ie. the same AWS as is used for Caseware Cloud).  As Bedrock is rolled out by Amazon to other regions, AiDA will also be.

What Large Language Model (LLM) are you using?


At this time, we are using the Anthropic Claude model(s). Our infrastructure allows us to select the models that are the best fit for the use-case. Therefore, we focus on making sure we select the best model that is fit for the use-case. Future new model providers are required to go through our standard and mature assessments for the use of new technology.

What is the LLM trained on?


Anthropic publishes this list of what their models are trained on. In addition, we and our customers  are not one of the users that can provide data back into the models.

Do you plan to do more training on your model in the future?


Of course! Our roadmap is focused on improving precisions of responses. We will always be enhancing our content through technology and associated safety best practices.

Do you have certifications or similar over your technology?


Yes, all of our infrastructure remains the same and our in force certificates are still valid.  See our certificate details here.

Experience AI-driven efficiency with Caseware AiDA