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A flexible and intuitive platform for managing accounting and audit working papers

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Deliver high-quality engagements with seamless integrations

Caseware Working Papers is a flexible engagement management platform that integrates everything you need to conduct accurate assurance and reporting engagements. It provides a one-stop location for your data.

Access to all the information you need during an engagement is readily available, with data linked so that any changes you make flow through to all related documents. This can significantly decrease the manual effort associated with an audit while improving the transparency, consistency and quality of your team’s work.


Seamless data imports and exports to document management systems

Import trial balance or general ledger details from over 60 accounting packages and applications like Word, Excel, PDF, ERPs and other electronic formats. With smart integrations, the engagement data is easily exported to tax packages and other document management systems.

Powerful document management platform for added efficiency

Access a comprehensive working paper management system with a wide range of capabilities for delivering efficient accounting services. Gain full visibility for engagement workflows, allowing all authorised users to access documents regardless of their location.

Roll forward for embedded continuity from one year to the next

Maximise your firm’s efficiency levels by leveraging Working Papers’ roll-forward capability. This feature takes information from your existing engagement and rolls forward selected information to the following year.

Boost information sharing with centralised and accessible data

Enhance engagement transparency and efficiently address questions that arise by retaining all engagement information and supporting materials in one conveniently accessible location.


Create next-generation reporting

Create next-generation reporting

Our purpose-built accounting software turns any document, including financial statements, into a cost-effective report immediately ready for client, stakeholder or external accountant review. Even PDF versions can be easily created and shared.
Enhance client communication

Enhance client communication

Quickly and securely send contacts, signed letters and supporting documents using Caseware Xtend. By efficiently managing information requests and aligning them with engagement status, you can respond individually or in aggregate.
Depend on data to minimise risk

Depend on data to minimise risk

Integration with Caseware IDEA brings analytics directly into your workflows and minimises the risk of error or data inconsistency. This allows you to provide valuable insights to your stakeholders and ensure their continued business.
Work together effectively

Work together effectively

Activating the SmartSync module in Caseware Working Papers allows team members to collaborate efficiently on the same engagement file. This benefit is possible even from different locations, eliminating the hassles of version control.
Customise processes

Customise processes

Build intelligent documents, including financial statements, reports and work programmes, based on your specific project needs or business requirements. Use the CaseView module within Working Papers to support smoother organisation-wide adoption.

Supporting Components

Guidance that simplifies audit and assurance

Templates developed in line with professional standards to simplify the lives of accountants.

  • Audit

    Technology-leveraged practice aids based on ISCA Singapore’s Professional Engagement Guide.

  • Review & Compilation

    Conduct review and compilation engagements with technology-leveraged practice aids based on the Professional Engagement Guide.

  • Financial

    Use templates for corporate financials and customise automated statements for government reporting to meet the Singapore Reporting Standards by ACRA.

Ramp up your engagements with cutting-edge capabilities

Tap into these powerful embedded capabilities within the platform.

  • SmartSync

    Provide your team with up-to-date changes to working papers. This will allow them to collaborate on engagement files in real time and reduce project delays.

  • CaseView

    Create a working paper from scratch, including client-ready financial statements, checklists, custom documents, and financial reports.

  • SmartAnalyser

    Caseware IDEA licensees can use this module to run more than 80 guided, risk-based analytic tests on general ledgers, sub-ledgers and journal entries.

Gain data-driven insights to inform your engagements better.

Achieve unparalleled results on your engagements with utilities that link the Working Papers platform and other applications for data access.

  • Caseware Connector

    This Microsoft add-on for Working Papers lets you automatically synchronise trial balance data to your Microsoft Word or Excel documents.

  • CloudBridge

    CloudBridge is a powerful tool enabling users to seamlessly transfer data from Caseware Working Papers in the cloud to a cloud engagement.

Find the answers you need

Can I directly upgrade from an older version of Working Papers to the latest version? If so, will my files convert?


Yes, you can upgrade to the latest version without installing the versions in between. Caseware only guarantees a successful conversion between subsequent versions when converting your files. It is possible to restore older files to the latest version directly, but we encourage you to create a backup before attempting to do so.

Is Working Papers financial accounting software offered in 32-bit?


Current versions of Working Papers are available exclusively in 64-bit. Any 32-bit version is no longer supported.

Take a modern approach to managing working papers