The smarter way to conduct your EBP audits

Add efficiency, accuracy and security to your employee benefit plan audits with OnPoint EBP

EBP audits are uniquely challenging

With increasing complexities, evolving regulatory requirements and a shortage of talent, firms need to overcome the challenges of inefficient manual processes, audit quality risks and collaboration with the multiple stakeholders involved in EBP audits.

OnPoint EBP offers an end-to-end solution by streamlining the audit process from planning to report delivery. Leveraging the power of automation, OnPoint EBP helps firms expedite their risk assessment process and provide the right guidance for more focused, insightful and higher-quality audits of employee benefit plans.


employee benefit plans are subject to audit each year


of EBP audits contain major deficiencies (Department of Labor, 2020)

5 Advantages of Modern EBP Audit Software

Accounting firms performing employee benefit plan (EBP) audits face two major challenges: plan sponsors want their EBP audits to be as fast and cost-effective as possible, while the U.S. Department of Labor is very concerned about audit quality. Find out how intelligent EBP technology solutions are saving firms time and improving audit quality.
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Discover the benefits of OnPoint EBP

Perform EBP audits with confidence

Get started in just a single click with our built-in AICPA methodology and guidance for performing a variety of EBP audits.

OnPoint EBP includes integrated guidance from the AICPA to help the auditor understand the requirements for auditing employee benefit plans and appropriately perform an effective and efficient audit.

Automate your audit preparation

Be audit-ready in no time with OnPoint EBP’s smart workflow, including intelligent file-build and tailored checklists.

Developed by the AICPA in partnership with leading audit practitioners, OnPoint EBP’s guided methodology ​​eliminates the need for auditors to pare down checklists manually by only showing questions, procedures, and additional workpapers relevant to each engagement.

Elevate the audit experience

With built-in PBC queries and staff collaboration features, keep your team and stakeholders connected anywhere, anytime.

With OnPoint EBP, multiple auditors can simultaneously work on an engagement while seamlessly sending and receiving information to and from the client without having to exit the engagement file.

Remove the risk of over- or under-auditing

OnPoint EBP’s smart indicators help auditors focus on the right risks and leave yesterday’s manual sampling process behind.

OnPoint EBP uses a guided and integrated approach to risk identification, assessment, and response based on the attributes of the plan being audited and the results of risk assessment procedures performed. Appropriate audit procedures are then presented in the respective audit programs based on the identified risks and assertions.

Gain audit efficiency

Generate financial statements and notes disclosures automatically, incorporating all proposed adjustments that arise throughout the audit process.

OnPoint EBP helps to save firms time by drafting financial statements and note disclosures that are easily customizable to meet the audited plan’s particular facts and circumstances.

“Since making the switch to OnPoint, we’ve reduced the time spent on reporting by between 15 and 20 percent.”  

James Moyna, Founder JMM CPA
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Get a demo of OnPoint EBP

Complete the form and a Caseware representative will be in touch to get you on the path to more efficient EBP audits.

Get a demo of OnPoint EBP

Complete the form and a Caseware representative will be in touch to get you on the path to more efficient EBP audits.