Comprehensive solutions for government financial reporting, tax, auditing and analytics

Modernizing governance through automation and technology

To produce their financial reports and conduct audits, many government organizations are still using manual, time-consuming and challenging processes that involve significant redundancy. Caseware’s solutions for financial reporting, tax, internal audit and independent audits of governmental entities are built for forward-thinking audit and accounting professionals working in the public sector. With Caseware, they can ensure consistency and accuracy, automate workflows and leverage analytics — while keeping the public informed on the broader economic outlook.
*Source: City of Palmetto, Customer Success Story, Caseware:


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Solutions for your firm

Financial Reporting

Caseware automates many routine elements of financial reporting, which not only frees up time but minimizes errors. Caseware’s straightforward tools and templates allow governments to create financial reports and budget books.


Governmental Audit

No matter what level of government you operate at, the powerful capabilities of Caseware’s ecosystem let you conduct meticulous audits of financial activities at every jurisdiction level.


Internal Audit

Governments can perform scrupulous and speedy audits with Caseware’s internal audit offering. It supplies specific performance measurement tools, data analytics and working papers software to take your audits to the next level.



To make revenue management easier, Caseware offers a sophisticated set of products that help right from data ingestion and project management to advanced analytics for conducting tax audits and detecting fraud or errors.


Drive increased efficiency and superior results with Caseware’s government accounting and audit solutions