Enhancing the Efficiency, Quality and Value of
Preparation, Compilation and Review Services.
Achieve high quality results with less effort

High Quality Results with OnPoint PCR

OnPoint PCR offers a single, integrated end-to-end solution to optimize how you perform your firm’s preparation, compilation and review engagements. OnPoint PCR leverages Intelligent Checklists and Guided Engagements to help you start with a simple client intake form from which the engagement is built out and tailored to your client’s needs. A complete solution that includes a trial balance, financial reporting, automated letter drafting, and PBC collaboration tools, OnPoint PCR gives you the tools to deliver for clients in less time and with greater confidence.

OnPoint PCR Features

Comply with Confidence

Helps ensure that your firm is providing accurate information and documentation in order to comply with professional standards.

Simplify Your Workflow with a Clean, Simple Setup

Instead of having to pare down extensive checklists, start with an easy client acceptance document that will tailor the engagement as you provide the details.

Gain Efficiency with a Single, Consistent Interface

The solution centralizes the many components of preparation, compilation and review work through a single platform, including: Engagement management, Engagement methodology, Linked methodology, PBC document management, Trial balance tools

Save Time with Automated Report and Letter Drafting

As you complete work in an engagement, the logic built into OnPoint PCR will update the language on letters and reports to help align deliverables with quality standards.

Safeguard information with a Secure, Robust Platform

Leveraging Caseware Cloud, you have an ecosystem designed for A&A services and built to meet security standards in a digital world.