Collaborate Securely and Effectively

On PBC Documents and Requests.
Keep engagement momentum moving forward

Secure and Effective Collaboration with OnPoint Collaborate

OnPoint Collaborate helps you facilitate any project that involves gathering data and documentation from clients such as tax compliance, assurance services and consulting, while keeping the communication channels clear and centralized through the process. OnPoint Collaborate also integrates with Caseware Working Papers and other desktop engagement products. By using OnPoint Collaborate, you can avoid much of the administrative challenges involved in gathering information from clients, like back-and-forth email conversations that tend to live in one staff member’s inbox.

OnPoint Collaborate Features

Establish a Consistent Approach with Firm-Wide Templates:

Configure requests to your liking to establish a foundational approach for PBC documents.

Streamlined Communications that Reduce Email:

Drive the process forward through online transparency instead of back and forth, one-off emails.

Customized Client Requests:

Questions seen by clients can be intelligently tailored in or out based on how the client responds.

Heightened Visibility into Status of Requests:

Instantly see and track what requests have been fulfilled, which are outstanding, and what questions have been asked in response to requests.