How do I import data from QuickBooks into Smart Engagement?

Jan 24th, 2019


How do I import data from QuickBooks into Smart Engagement (SE)?


You must first create a copy of your QuickBooks Company File.

To copy a QuickBooks Company File:

  1. In QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online, open the Company File you want to copy.
  2. In QuickBooks Online, select File | Utilities | Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online Edition. For desktop versions of QuickBooks, click File | Maintenance | Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online Edition.
  3. Save the Company File copy to an accessible location.

The Company File is copied from QuickBooks. You can now import the Company File into SE using the Caseware Cloud Import Utility.

To import data from QuickBooks into SE:

  1. Visit the Import a client's financial data to an engagement file help page, and download the Caseware Cloud Import Utility executable.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded executable and click Run as administrator. The Caseware Cloud Import Utility dialog displays.
  3. On the Welcome page, select Other Data Source, then click Next.
  4. In the Import From drop-down menu, select QuickBooks. In the Version drop-down menu, select QuickBooks Online. For the Import Path, click Browse and navigate to the exported company file.
  5. Select any appropriate settings for the import (Fiscal Year End, Period Date Sequence). Click Next, then Finish.
  6. A prompt displays to save the import as a .zip file. Save the file to an accessible location on your local workstation.
  7. In your web browser, open SE. Select the Trial Balance tab.
  8. Under Import from, select Desktop Accounting Software, then Select a File to import. Select the saved .zip file or drag it onto the import window.

Your QuickBooks data is imported into SE. Refresh your web page to view the imported data.

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