Changes to Assertions in Audit International 20.00

Jun 06th, 2018

Affected version: Audit International 20.00

In Audit International 20.00, we’ve made the following modifications to template and client files.

The default assertions in Audit International 19.00 and earlier are:

C - Completeness, E - Existence, A - Accuracy and V - Valuation

As of 20.00, we’ve changed these to:

- Completeness, E - Existence, A/V - Accuracy/Valuation, PD - Presentation

Impact on client files

The following will need to be done in client files :

  • Review risks to add any linkage to AV or PD as required.
  • Complete risk assessments for AV and PD.
  • Review control matrix assessments for AV and PD.
  • Review any engagement specific procedures for linkage to AV and PD if needed.

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