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Modernizing Collaboration for Accounting Firms

Think about how easy collaboration and group editing is when you use an online editing suite like Google Docs. Users can come and go with clearly defined permissions, editing and adding comments to the document, with each change tracked and, if necessary, reversible. Points of contention can be discussed on the go and the appropriate parties can be notified to clear them up.

Now, think about how you collaborate with your clients. Can you say with any degree of confidence that your current collaboration process can approach this sort of experience in terms of speed, ease of use, and flexibility?

Online solutions allow for real-time collaboration from anywhere, at any time, on any supported device with an internet connection. This eliminates potential points of friction and delay, and significantly lowers the risk of duplicating efforts. It also affords your firm the chance to offer your services to a broader client base since you’ll be able to significantly reduce the need for site visits and the exchange of physical documents. The result? Your clients will be able to count on getting their financials and assessments in a more timely manner.

Our pure cloud engagement software offers all of this functionality, as well as a plethora of additional benefits. One of the additional benefits is data continuity. Information used in multiple places throughout the engagement will only need to be entered once and will flow-through the entire engagement in real-time. This eliminates manual data entry and reduces the risk of error. Learn more about Caseware ReviewCompTax!

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