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March 2019: Caseware Tips & Tricks Video Series

We are pleased to introduce the Caseware Tips & Tricks video series! Every Tuesday morning, over our social networking channels, we’ll be sharing a short, technical video tutorial. These tutorials will help Caseware users learn about some of the lesser known features in our products. Let’s review those that were released over the month of March…

Customize the user interface in Caseware Cloud

A custom welcome message creates a professional and systematic look for your firm. Users develop strong impressions and gain a basic idea about the site function. Discover how to incorporate a logo and tailor outgoing emails.

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Rename a Working Papers file

It’s important to rename a file within the Caseware Working Papers application - rather than within Windows Explorer. Otherwise, there is a risk to break links within a document. Learn how to correctly rename files in Working Papers.

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Update files in Caseware Cloud

Ensure records of vital historical and fiscal value are identified and preserved. Take a look at how to: update a file you had saved in the cloud, maintain file history, and continuously access previous versions.

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Set a retention period for files in Caseware Cloud

Find out more about meeting regulatory or other requirements by setting a retention period on files. After setting a retention schedule, the amount of time remaining is noted. When the retention period ends, files are automatically deleted.

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