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Leveraging Data in the External Audit: A Primer

A Caseware Whitepaper

Leveraged data is, indeed, the future of audit, and not just big audits. Auditors in the future will increasingly leverage data to gain a deeper understanding of audit clients, gather more and better audit evidence, and deliver more valuable insight to clients. Our latest whitepaper explores how, and in what ways, this is so, and what the future holds. Leveraging Data in the External Audit: A Primer, covers the following topics:

  1. Audit implications
  2. Big Data and analytics
  3. Greater insight/value beyond the audit
  4. Auditor competitive advantage
  5. Obstacles to transformation
  6. Is automation a job killer? 
  7. A case study in inefficient, manual procedures
  8. Managing a successful transition 

Interested in increasing your use of data to gain deeper insights and deliver more value to clients? Download the whitepaper.

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