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Did you know? Caseware imports from 50+ accounting software programs

Just about any firm can relate when it comes to the seemingly never ending search for the best accounting software package. With countless options to choose from, especially now that cloud accounting software is on the rise, how are CPAs able to make a decision? Not only do firms need to understand the features of each accounting software package, but they also have to consider what will happen to their existing work if the new software package doesn’t support it. Manually transferring that much data is simply unrealistic.

The cost of conversion

Switching software packages can be an arduous task for any firm, whether you’re transitioning from desktop accounting software to cloud based accounting software, or making a lateral move to a program that better meets the needs of the firm. You have to consider the costs, not only financially, but the cost in time and effort. If your firm has been using the same software for many years, your existing data can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes switching software means leaving your data behind, and maintaining multiple software packages can be cumbersome, particularly for new staff coming in. Optimally, you want to bring that data with you, but if you haven’t been using any of the top accounting software programs, what are the chances that it’s supported?

The Caseware approach

Did you know that Caseware Working Papers and Caseware Cloud support imports from well over 50 different accounting software packages? With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve seen users come from countless different software packages looking to transfer their data to something new. With each new release, we ensure that our users can import from the newest, or the oldest software, into the Caseware ecosystem.

Some of the data that you can import includes:

  • client information,
  • chart of accounts,
  • trial balance entries,
  • and general ledger details.

Depending on the software package, you can also import information such as prior year data, budget year data, period balances, and more.

On the desktop, Caseware Working Papers includes a robust import utility that efficiently guides you through the import process. On Caseware Cloud, the Cloud Import Utility replicates this process to efficiently move data from your desktop to the web. Our software uses smart technology to organize your imported data and place it right where you need it, making it easier than ever to get back to the task at hand.

The takeaway

Changing your firm’s accounting software doesn’t have to be painful. To keep the cost of conversion to a minimum, it’s important to remember that software should work for us and not the opposite. Choose a software package that can utilize your data and help you get ahead, rather than sacrificing it just to stay on the bleeding edge of technology.

Check out our list of supported software imports to see if your software is eligible.

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