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Cloud Solutions Have Become Ubiquitous. Here’s Why…

Has your firm started taking advantage of cloud computing benefits?

Technological progress, like all progress, isn’t strictly linear or incremental; it proceeds in fits and starts, bolstered suddenly by innovations that disrupt and change our understanding of how legacy processes can or should work. Cloud computing and cloud software represents one of those leaps, after which we need to rethink what our solutions can offer our client base. It’s no surprise, then, that by and large, the new solutions being offered by start up firms are cloud-based. The appeal of cloud software for firms isn’t limited to the lower IT costs associated with distributing, installing, and maintaining the software - though that certainly helps.

Cloud solutions have now become ubiquitous enough that most users take its advantages as a given. If you’re going to offer a cloud-based solution, your clients will reasonably expect that this solution will leverage the possibilities of the Cloud, not just move your existing services to the online realm as a way of spit-polishing your services.

Part of passing that threshold of expectation means taking advantage of the now-mature security infrastructure offered on the Cloud. Several major Cloud services now offer bank-level security (often backed by major certifications such as ISO and SOC2), with none of the physical maintenance headaches associated with keeping your client data stored in-house. That’s only half of the security equation, though. As you move to digitize existing services, make sure to plan on the integration of major client-side security strategies like two-factor authentication to ensure that the possibility of a security event on their end is minimized.

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