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Choosing The Right Solution For Your Practice

Given the increasingly competitive landscape now faced by CPAs and their firms, what sort of solutions are available that take advantage of the possibilities of the cloud, data analytics, real-time collaboration, tailored workflows, and automation?

ReviewCompTax has the power to radically simplify your workflow, greatly reduce the risk of inconsistency, and provide instantaneous insights into your clients’ data in a streamlined, visually appealing package.

Pre-loaded with both CPA Canada-standard forms and checklists specifically designed to tailor each engagement type to your clients’ specific needs, ReviewCompTax applies filters and authors standard content on the fly, ensuring that your team can proceed with the steps relevant to your engagement work while minimizing the downtime associated with waiting on third parties. ReviewCompTax also links up with AnalyticsAI to give your team the ability to run prebuilt tests, and produce test results in both text and chart format, all with an intuitive interface and click-to-run tests that don’t require specially trained staff to run. These tests will help your team to investigate anomalies and locate trends with just a click or two.

Built on our powerful cloud platform, Caseware ReviewCompTax is built with collaboration in mind. The solution makes it easy to request key documents and data from clients, chat live with clients, and notify both staff and contacts the moment a task or request has been completed or a major engagement milestone has been reached.

Find out how Caseware ReviewCompTax can revolutionize your workflows, add value for your clients, streamline collaboration, and take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

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