CCBTO selects Alessa by CaseWare RCM for AML Compliance

We are excited to announce that Alessa, a product of our sister company, CaseWare RCM, was selected by China Construction Bank, Toronto Branch (CCBTO). 

Why Alessa? Alessa is trusted by banks, money services businesses, fintechs, and gaming institutions to meet their anti-money laundering and other regulatory compliance needs. Ultimately, the product was selected by CCBTO for its transaction monitoring, sanctions screening and FINTRAC regulatory reporting capabilities to further enhance its anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program.

According to Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer at CaseWare RCM, “CCBTO was looking to monitor all transactions and flag those that were unusual, screen individuals against various watch and sanctions lists, and create comprehensive and reader-friendly reports for FINTRAC. Alessa is an integrated solution that is able to meet CCBTO’s anti-money laundering needs without the complications, costs and ineffectiveness that often incur when using point solutions.”

Learn more about Alessa here or read the full press release.

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