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April 2019: Caseware Tips & Tricks Video Series

This month, as part of the Caseware Tips & Tricks video series, we’re showcasing a new set of video tutorials. These tutorials help viewers learn about some of the lesser known features in our products. Here is a summary of the videos released in April…

Copy a file in Caseware Working Papers

It’s important to always copy files from within Working Papers - rather than from Windows

Explorer. Otherwise, you risk corrupting the file. Discover how to safely make a copy of a Working Papers file.

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Differentiate between formulas and dynamic text in a SmartEngagement file

Learn how to differentiate between formulas and dynamic text in letters, memos and financial statements. You’ll also find out more about modifying text and formatting in a SmartEngagement file.

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What to do when you want to delete an account in Caseware Cloud

Find out more about what to do with an account when it is no longer in use. We’ll explain when you should delete a staff account, and when you should deactivate it. You’ll want to create an audit trail for future reference.

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Download and install Caseware Working Papers

Looking for assistance as you install Caseware Working Papers? A License Administrator is able to download the Working Papers installer from MyCaseware. Let’s take a look at how.

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Convert DDE Formulas to UDF Formulas using Caseware Connector

You should only use one type of linkage protocol per document. We suggest you use UDF formulas as they offer more stability and versatility than DDE formulas. Learn about how to convert DDE based formulas to UDF based formulas using Caseware Connector.

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