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How Accounting Firms Can Provide Greater Value To Clients

Regardless of the ostensibly powerful technologies and solutions offered by the new class, clients will be skittish, and rightfully so, about leaving behind familiar workflows.

Why do established firms have a clear market advantage over up-and-comers? Experience.

Your firm should be looking for solutions that leverage that foundation of knowledge and trust you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. Your ideal solution should be able to adapt to your clients’ specific requirements, ensuring you can take advantage of the latest tools while providing continuity of service.

What’s more, the ideal solution will feature data analytics components to add value to your existing service. Analytics can help add a strong consultative dimension to your engagements, enabling your staff to process large amounts of client data very quickly in order to detect noteworthy trends, look for potential fraud or misstatement, and closely monitor individual and institutional performance metrics. With these capabilities integrated into your services, you can provide greater value to your clients by delivering actionable insights.

Our pure cloud solution for the Canadian market, Caseware ReviewCompTax, incorporates analytics and much more! Discover the positive impact technology can have on your practice.

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