Living out our core values – Bringing our global community together and investing in the excellence of our people

To quote the business philosopher Peter F. Drucker: “Every enterprise requires commitment to common goals and shared values.” Values are important ideals that guide priorities and are at the core of an organization. Values tie people together, set vision, and affect what we do as an organization and, similarly, as a community.

At CaseWare, we are committed to 3 core values—community, excellence, and innovation. These are important ideals that tie our people together and set the vision for our business.

Bringing our Community together
We recently hosted our 2019 Global Distributor Conference. The internal event was held at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Here, our staff, along with our global partners, came together to share wins, learnings, future plans, and more.

With nearly 100 managers and executives from around the globe in attendance, the conference was a success! Thank you to everyone in our community who took time out of their busy schedules to join us.

Investing in the excellence of our people

As part of our commitment to our values of “excellence” and “innovation”, we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning solution that offers a customized learning experience that features instructional content relevant to all professional interests and goals. There are 13,000+ courses to choose from, each lead by an industry leader. This will provide all of our staff with the tools to help gain new skills and advance their careers.

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