SmartSync Repair does not Repair Missing Sync Events


The SmartSync Repair function may not fix missing SmartSync events in a SmartSync Server environment.

You can receive a message about missing SmartSync events if gaps are identified in the numbering sequence of the sync log. This message states that performing a SmartSync Repair on the child copy will resolve the issue and resend the missing event.

When working in a SmartSync Server environment, the instructions provided in the error message may not resolve the issue in some cases.


The issue has been fixed in Working Papers 2015.00.192 (Release 3).

For this fix to take effect, both the versions of Working Papers and SmartSync Server have to be updated.

Workaround (SmartSync Server only)

To resolve the issue in prior versions of Working Papers, open the parent file. With the parent file open, close and re-open the child copy. This action will force events to re-synchronize with the parent.