Billable vs. Non-billable Work Codes

  • Billable work codes indicate that work performed under this work code can be recovered by billing a client for the work.
  • Non-billable work codes indicate that the work performed cannot be recovered from the firm and is therefore a loss to the firm.
    Vacation time is an example of a non-billable work code.
  • When viewing a WIP report, you may notice that the non-billable time you entered does not appear.
    WIP reports show all time entered for a particular client.
  • Because non-billable time cannot be assigned to a client, it does not appear on the WIP reports.
  • To view non-billable and billable time, you must access a Time Journal report. Time journal reports are sorted by staff member first and show all time entered by a particular staff member, including non-billable time.