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What's New in the Fall 2019 Release of CaseWare ReviewCompTax (RCT)?

  • Based On CPA Canada PEG 2019 Content
  • Corporate Tax Certification
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Trial Balance is now the Data Page
  • Redesign of Query Functionality

To accommodate the changes in the 2019 Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) content, updates were made to:

  • Move to the new alternative review engagement forms
  • Create a new review findings letter
  • Sample review reports
  • And more!
rct workflow

As a cloud-based professional tax preparation software, it is important to remain compliant.

  • CaseWare RCT has been certified for the preparation of federal T2 and Alberta AT1 tax returns
  • Includes corporations with year ends up to May 31, 2020
rct workflow

Firms now have the ability to perform consolidation engagements while utilizing the:

  • Dynamic content that automatically modifies wording throughout the engagement for consolidated or non-consolidated financials
  • Consolidation hierarchy view to easily document the corporate structure
  • Trial balance views to showcase a breakdown of financial statements within each entity of the consolidation structure

As practitioners work on subsitary files, balances can be automatically updated within the parent file of consolidated financial statements

rct workflow
  • Option to import both the trial balance and detail transactions
  • To aid in the search for accounts or financial statement structure, a left pane was added to switch between views
  • Quickly retrieve sought after information with data sorting and filtering as well as improved search capabilities
  • For easy sharing, the trial balance can be exported to a .CSV file
rct workflow

To make it easier for practitioners and their clients to prepare and navigate through Provided by Client (PBC) requests:

  • A change was made to the “Query” terminology
  • A side navigation pane was added to view available query questions
  • The method for adding new questions was simplified
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CaseWare ReviewCompTax (RCT) Features

Transparent Engagement Management

Track the entire scope, timeline, and execution of your engagements in real-time using a shared dashboard.

Seamless Data Imports

Supports files from CaseWare Working Papers and Microsoft Excel, as well as 50+ desktop and online accounting packages.

Data Continuity

Information used in multiple places throughout the engagement will only need to be entered once and will flow-through the entire engagement in real-time.

Intelligent Content

Using client data and responses to pre-set questions, online content is tailored to provide only what is relevant for the engagement at hand.

Integrated Client Query System

Complete requests within the client portal to create a more secure, efficient communication process. Documents and responses are then carried through to the engagement file.

Improved Collaboration

Work concurrently with clients and colleagues on documents within the engagement file. Using a laptop or tablet, this can be achieved from anywhere.


Using CPA Canada PEG forms*, procedures and documentation are compliant with Canadian standards.

*A current PEG subscription from CPA Canada is required

Secure Audit Trail

Requests and engagement information is recorded, tracked, and stored in a user-friendly environment.

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