Produce smart, quality financials statements.

Combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Financials lets you automatically create customized statements without having to perform word processing functions on each statement.


Whatever the reporting framework, Financials has you covered

Whether IFRS (full or SME), U.S. GAAP or GASB, Canadian ASPE, CaseWare Financials lets you automatically create customized financial statements with less work and more efficiency.


Ribbon-based interface

Our intuitive redesigned interface can help you streamline workflow and perform functions quicker than ever before.

Easily standardize across your firm

Armed with our next-generation report writer, you can easily customize content, styles and formatting.

Leverage built-in libraries

Financials comes pre-packaged with extensive knowledge libraries including hundreds of standard footnotes.

Gain new efficiencies

With features like note-number cross-referencing, linkage between notes and statements and automatic rounding, you can prepare quality statements faster than ever before.

Drill down with ease

With point-and-click simplicity, you can quickly get the story behind the numbers.

Quickly update content

Drag and drop content into an existing client file using the convenient Document Library function.


Convenient Standardization Features

Financials has point and click options, buttons and pop-ups that automate many of the more intricate functions. This reduces the amount of time needed to standardize the appearance of financial statements and decreases chances for errors and misunderstanding. Each step of the process is laid out in an easy to follow logical manner.

Customization Tools

Financials has a number of tools automatically available within a financial statement. You can effortlessly adjust column width, set shading, sort and underline. The protection features allow each firm to specify access rights.

You can easily add and delete line items, rename map number descriptions, and link from a note or from a schedule. Your content changes such as map numbers, map descriptions and footnotes will not be overwritten when new content is added to the Knowledge Libraries.

Drill-Down Functionality

Review the supporting documentation easily and simply by double clicking on any number in the financials.

Integration with other CaseWare Add-Ons

Financials integrates seamlessly with CaseWare Audit and Review.

Extensive Knowledge Libraries

Financials Knowledge Libraries contain hundreds of footnotes and alternative formats. Your firm is always up-to-date with the latest disclosure requirements as the Financials content libraries are regularly updated. Your own content and footnotes can be added to these knowledge libraries and will be retained after updating.