More than just time and billing.

Adaptable for any number of users through the power of SQL, CaseWare Time has everything you need to manage your practice easily and efficiently. Experience easy time and expense entry, at-a-glance monitoring, improved billing, numerous ready-to-use reports, and powerful project and contact management.


Monitor your practice with ease

Access summary information on a dashboard-style interface and view all assigned tasks with the Workflow layout. Click on any area to quickly access to the details for each program feature or document.

Take advantage of powerful time and expense entry

Enter your time and expense entries once and you can have instant WIP reports. With Time's built-in editor, you can fully customize the layout and content of proposed, interim, recurring, or final invoices.

Select from numerous ready-to-use reports

Time comes equipped with hundreds of sample reports that can be kept as-is or easily customized. Use drill down capabilities to access detailed information within each report.

Manage multiple contacts

With Time's built-in contact management system, you can stay updated with the most recent client information. Generate marketing and form letters, filtered and addressed to specific clients or contacts.

Stay on top of projects

Manage client projects through tasks, staff assignment and calculate project budgets with Time's advanced project management capabilities. You can easily view the project status, due date, and percent complete for each project.


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Innovative Time Workflow

Innovative and easy-to-use, the Time Workflow feature guides you through your tasks using the Workflow layout. Only those items assigned to you appear in your Workflow, giving focus on what needs to be done. With the Workflow you can access program features, documents, and help with ease from the same screen.

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Convenient Status Panel

By offering summary information on one convenient screen, the Workflow Status panel gives a quick overview of what is happening in the file. User-based information such as time, expenses and time sheets is focused on the user logged in.

Quick Time and Expense Tracking

With Time, you can quickly and efficiently enter time for any period with a spreadsheet style interface.

Complete On-Screen Billing

One screen provides quick billing, flexible write-up and write-down distribution. Allows complete control over the layout and content of your invoice whether issuing a proposed, interim or final invoice.

Project Management

Manage all your client projects by assigning staff, issuing tasks and creating budgets. Allows roll forward of client projects for quick setup.

Fully-Customized Documents

Time’s built-in word processor CaseView with spreadsheet and database capabilities has the capability to create invoices, statements, marketing letters, customized working papers, forms, and schedules. Armed with CaseView's power, any accountant can create professional quality documents using CaseView's desktop publishing enhancements that are directly linked to accounting data in Time.

Flexible Reporting

Time’s document management system allows you to organize reports into hierarchical folders, allowing specific reports to be easily accessible depending on the staff function. Time has over 200 reports that can be edited and filtered to manage your practice.

Easy Filtering

Filtering of documents is available globally on the Document Manager by user using color coding to streamline the documents. You can also filter your clients, projects and staff.

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Cloud Integration

Time now integrates with CaseWare Cloud

If you are currently using Time 2013 build 060 or higher you can integrate your Time data with CaseWare Cloud to leverage new features and functionality. When Time is integrated with CaseWare Cloud you can perform Time operations from CaseWare Cloud such as posting Time / Expense from any device and setting up and managing clients, staff and contacts.

Features Include

  • Enter time and expenses from anywhere
    Now you can enter your time and expenses from any mobile device, including your smart phone. You can even enter time entries in bulk over multiple days. Plus, all CaseWare Cloud data will be automatically synced back to CaseWare Time.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar
    Now you can capture time directly from Google Calendar, with automatic hourly time entries added to CaseWare Time. Change from pending to billable or non-billable and away you go!
  • Snap and track receipts
    With a simple touch of your mobile device, you can attach receipts to expense records in digital form, eliminating the need to keep and sort paper.
  • Manage client, contact and staff information
    Thanks to a centralized, cloud-based system, you’ll never re-enter data again. All data is automatically synced between CaseWare Cloud and CaseWare Time.
  • Easily generate analysis reports
    With useful reports a touch away, you can keep an eye on your practice wherever you go. Access detailed or summary time and expense reports, at the staff or client level.
  • Take full advantage of CaseWare Cloud
    Gain access to innovative collaboration tools such as a full Client Portal and document management system. To learn more about CaseWare Cloud, click here.

To request an invite, click here.